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Full Design & Build

Clients appreciate the value of our all-inclusive approach that covers design, production, planning, installation and delivery. A fully-integrated service and strong partnerships with principal contractors, developers, and architects place quality and style at the forefront of forward-thinking design.

From budgeting and timeline management to architectural and engineering details, we make it happen.

Site analysis

Analysing the surroundings is key to leverage a site's unique characteristics and get everything out of the project.

DCC carefully considers the view – what to hide and what to embrace. As well as factors like disturbance so that your space is as serene as can be.


Architectural Design

These have a profound impact on the built environment. They shape how people live, work, and play while contributing to the beauty and character of their communities. We specialise in creating spectacular spaces, and understand that every project is unique. That's why we handpick collaborators from the world's most sought after and exceptional architects and engineers to bring our client's visions to life.

Interior Design

Our interiors fuse form and function, aesthetics and value, sophistication, and pragmatism. Inspiring designs with outstanding finishing and detailing – DCC believes that only the best is good enough for its clients. Each piece of artwork, furniture, and finishing is selected and customised to fit flawlessly into the design. Experience a seamless end-to-end interior design service from initial concept design to styling – always with an emphasis on quality and the wow factor.


2D and 3D architectural visualisations using the latest software and techniques present an instructive display of a project's design, materials, and finishes. With impressive realism, clients can envision their projects from multiple angles and perspectives, as if they’ve already been constructed. Understanding scale, layout, and overall look help stakeholders, investors, and clients confidently make informed decisions. Our clarity, and attention to detail ensure the project aligns with the initial design intent.

Technical Design

Precision and thoroughness – along with accuracy and efficient communication among engineers, architects, contractors, and manufacturers is paramount.

But we take the lead when it comes to architectural drafting, thanks to our industry experience and technical know-how.

MEP / Fit-out / Technology

We work closely with our subsidiaries – who are exclusive to DCC.

In-house Procurement Team

We source only the best items for our projects because we know exactly what our clients need.

Having teams locally and abroad means that DCC can be hands-on with suppliers and manufacturers.

Full Design & Build

General Contracting & Construction Management

A straightforward approach is part of our nature.

Being honest with all parties means that everyone’s on the same page and can complete the job at hand, to perfection.

General Contracting & Construction Management
General Contracting & Construction Management
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